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News & Tips|May 1, 2019, 2:32 a.m. | 5

Trackster May Update (v15.3)

What's new in the Trackster iPhone app.


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Throughout the last few weeks we have rebuilt the entire Trackster iOS app from scratch. The Trackster project that was previously on the AppStore was initially created in July of 2017. We added many updates since then but, like an attic or garage, it was ready for some spring cleaning.

It was not easy but we went as fast as possible to deliver what is easily the best version of Trackster ever released. Some of the highlights of the new version include…

  • New format to team & user profiles
  • User profiles have a section for ‘bio’
  • Team group chat
  • Insights & leaderboards redesigned
  • Select multiple GARMIN/POLAR GPS activities for 1 post (example: warm up, workout, cool down)
  • Home feed new format
  • Explore area in the search view
  • much more...

While we’re stoked to release the best version of our product so far, there is no doubt more work to be done. If you have any feedback or find any issues, visit www.trackster.us/bug/ and submit your thoughts. We will send you free Trackster TShirts and stickers for your help.

The web version of Trackster is the next to be updated and overhauled. Stay tuned for more updates, blogs + content.

Thank you so much for using Trackster + reading!

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