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Feature Updates|Dec. 29, 2020, 4:46 p.m. | 57

3 Ways To Upgrade Your Coaching Process

At Trackster, we know that good coaching is foundational to an athlete's success and relationship with the sport. Having had excellent (and not so excellent) coaches, we wanted to build a platform that allows coaches to meet their athletes needs, without limitations or fees. One of the biggest barriers for coaches, especially during the COVID pandemic, has been building a streamlined online presence that both advertises your services and processes your business transactions. Check out a couple of the ways you can upgrade your coaching business with Trackster...

Advertise Your Services & Sign Clients up on with your own coaching page

Coach Amanda Asaro's Web Page

So you've started your own coaching business, but you've been putting off making your own website. Or maybe you have your own fantastic website, but it isn't functional beyond letting potential clients read your resume and find your email. Your whole process is chaotic and spread across email, spreadsheets, and Venmo.

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By registering as a coach with Trackster, you can centralize your whole operation with one helpful webpage. You can display all of the services you offer and take requests or questions all in one place. Not only can potential athletes see what services you offer on your page, you can also give a preview of one week of training.

Process Payments

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Additionally, you can receive payments directly to your bank account via your profile as well. Whether you are handling one time payments or weekly or monthly fees, Trackster helps simplify the business end of coaching. Simply connect via Stripe, set your prices, and get payments straight to your bank account. Also, Trackster lets you create discount codes to give your business the pricing flexibility it needs to thrive!

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Invite and Sign Athletes Up

So you've chatted with a potential client, and they've decided to take their training to the next level with your coaching. Fortunately, Trackster has made the last step of signing up clients easy and efficient. Simply go to the training plan your new athletes will be using, click the "..." button in the top right corner, and select "Invite."

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Then either enter that athlete's email, or copy your specific plan's sign up URL to send via text or Direct Message. If the athlete doesn't have a Trackster account yet, they will be prompted to make one in the process of completing their payment.

In addition to our full suite of cutting-edge features, Trackster makes promoting and signing up coaching clients simply and efficient. Let us help grow your coaching business, with no fees or subscriptions, by signing up for Trackster at https://trackster.us/ or downloading our app at either the Apple or Google Play stores.

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