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Introducing: Suunto x Trackster

Introducing Suunto x Trackster Integration

Becoming a better athlete is all about being consistent. An athlete needs to put in work to improve day in and day out over a long period time, not just for one standalone workout.

In addition to being consistent with their training, an athlete needs to be smart. They need to pushing themselves toward the edge of their comfort zone without ever going past their breaking point and risking injury. An athlete needs to crush workouts and long runs, but they also have to have serious attention to balance and make time for proper rest and recovery.

It all sounds simple, but this process can become a complicated very quickly. There are a near infinite number of problems, injuries and logistical issues (like having no TP in the middle of a long run when nature calls 🥴💩) that will pop up during everyday life. Luckily, with the plethora of amazing technology we have in 2020 this process has become much more manageable!

It's with great excitement that we are announcing we have added Suunto as the newest GPS integration offered to the Trackster community. Suunto has quickly become our favorite GPS device and smart wearables company. Their team, support and technology are all at the top of the class, and their technology really does make a massive difference for an athlete. Their devices monitor heart rate, pace, distance, cadence and more, and then reports the estimated time for recovery and VO2 max afterward a training session.

After reaching out to their team to help finalize the integration, the Suunto people were kind enough to send us two GPS watches totally for free to ensure that the integration was finished smoothly! So we can say with firsthand experience that Suunto devices are incredibly invaluable to any athlete looking to improve their fitness.

How it works

  1. Go to Settings > Connect Suunto
  2. Login with your Suunto account credentials to connect to Trackster
  3. Turn on GPS Auto Post in Settings
  4. Go train! 🏃‍♀️

Here's a Trackster post from a run earlier in December with my Suunto data attached. enter image description here

When my friends, coach or I click on the training map, I'll be taken to a detail to check out all of the neat stats my Suunto watch captured. Check out this screenshot for the same run:

enter image description here

You can see theres a ton of great data immediately available to digest! Also, this post was automatically saved to Trackster from Suunto! So I finished my run, hit save on my watch, and by the time I grabbed a Gatorade and opened Trackster on my phone the training from Suunto was already posted 🤯!

Trackster users can do the same thing with Garmin & Polar devices and experience the exact same process (but we love Suunto)

Here's the shopping link for the Suunto 5, which they sent to Trackster. The battery life on this thing is a marvel (Like Marshawn Lynch, it never goes down).


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