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Founder Updates|Dec. 26, 2020, 6:15 p.m. | 37

Join our virtual race - the Holiday Szn 5K

Join Our First Holiday Virtual 5K Race!

To join the meet on Trackster click here: https://www.trackster.us/meet/58/

2020 has been a wild year. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected and hurt millions worldwide, and while our team has remained healthy and relatively happy, Trackster as a company has also endured a number of challenges. To celebrate the end of this difficult year we're hosting the first free virtual 5k on the Trackster app, open to anyone, anywhere, and with prizes for the top entries as well as random participants

Spring track meets were cancelled. Summer running programs and camps have been non-existent. NCAA seasons were postponed or canceled. Our platform was built to help make the lives of athletes and coaches easier so they could better engage in all these types of activities. With all of these being cancelled or altered, we've had to reexamine what it is that Trackster as an app has to offer and how we can help the unnerving world during this time.

As a result we've added a virtual racing feature to Trackster in the Meets section that's unlike anything else out there. This feature makes it extremely easy and fun to compete in races from anywhere in the world.


To join the meet on Trackster click here: https://www.trackster.us/meet/58/

After joining the meet on the Trackster app, users can attach training posts to their meet entries and submit their best efforts for the 5k! Then users can watch as more participants upload their submissions. Users can also donate to the meet host and upload videos or images.

  • The 5k is open to anyone, anywhere
  • 4 winners will receive Trackster merch & prizes
  • Download Trackster on iOS, Android or visit https://app.trackster.us to join the meet
  • December 26 - January 6th


The top times for men and women respectively will win the Trackster merch pack with stickers, gear, and a Roll Recovery mat (see below!)

There will be two more prizes for random participants who share the meet on their social media and tag @trackster_us!

enter image description here

We're going to be having a number of these virtual races hosted by Trackster throughout 2021 so stay tuned for more, and join Trackster now to participate in all races throughout!

Finally, any user on Trackster can create and host their own virtual meet as well! Just go to the 🏆 tab and then the Meets section. Click the floating ➕ button, enter your meet information, and click "Submit". Then invite users and submit your virtual race entries!

If you want your virtual meet to appear in the "Recommended" section, just email team@trackster.us or message @trackster_us on social media. We would love to help promote your event!

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