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Introducing: Spotify x Trackster (Workouts & Playlists)

Introducing Spotify x Trackster Integration

If you're around competitive runners, you'll find that most of them think that running with their phone in their hand is annoying and unneccessary.

However, for the vast majority runners, running with a phone in hand is the norm. Sure, holding an iPhone while running is a little clunky, but having the ability to play music or podcasts from Spotify or Apple while running trumps the hassle of carrying their device. At this point no GPS watch or wearable matches the audio streaming of a smartphone, making it the default option for everyday runners.

With our latest update, we're excited to announce that Trackster's GPS features now allows users to connect to their Spotify accounts and build out workouts that match with a playlists. Users can save these workouts for later use or check out prebuilt workouts from other people on Trackster!

Here's how it works:

1. Go to the GPS recording page from the Home page.

  1. Click the "⚙️" button to toggle the GPS settings while in the GPS page

  2. Tap the "Spotify" row of the settings to connect with your Spotify account for playback.

  3. Once connected to your Spotify account, you should see any Spotify playback in the Trackster app.

  4. Click "Workout & Laps" row of the GPS settings to build a workout and queue songs.

  5. Build your workout and queue songs based on workout progress with time or distance

  6. Save your workout for next time!

Once you build or select a prebuilt workout and playlist, simple hit the play button in the GPS page (▶️) to begin your run and queue the beginning song!

Important notes:

  • Ensure that Spotify is playing something and that app is active before beginning the run on Trackster.
  • Prebuilt workouts and playlists can work with either songs or playlists on Spotify.
  • We're adding our own guided audio option for users without a Spotify account (coming soon)
  • Workouts can be built on iPhone and sent to Apple Watch Trackster app (excludes audio playback)
  • Workouts can be prebuilt without any Spotify/audio options, too.

Make sure to add your favorite jams to a playlist, pair it with your favorite session, and take your training to the next level!

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