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Coach's Corner|June 20, 2020, 12:18 a.m. | 103

Introducing: Amanda Asaro! (Online Coach & Endurance Athlete)

What has the hardest part about coaching during the COVID-19 Quarantine been?

The most challenging part of coaching during the COVID-19 Quarantine has been helping athletes cope with race cancelation and uncertainties. Races are often a huge motivator for many athletes and can be looked at as the reward for a hard training cycle. Quarantine has presented an opportunity to look at running with a new perspective. We cannot always run for a time, performance, or fans. I am focusing on enjoying the root of the sport (outside of the competition). I ask my athletes to think about their “why”; reflecting on what does running do for them mentally and/or physically helps lacing up those shoes with purpose. Resetting running goals and enjoying the process has been instrumental during this time.

How did you get into coaching? Who were some coaches that inspired you?

Fitness and running have always been a passion of mine. Being involved with sports since a young age, has shown me the importance of community that comes with a being a part of a team. I got into coaching because of my love for the sport, community and the incredible role model coaching I have had to look up to.

My college coach has been my biggest inspiration as he helped me establish my core values as an athlete that I now carry on in my own coaching.

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What are some lessons you've learned as an athlete that you try and impart to the people you coach?

Passion, Discipline, Consistency, and Trust were essential core values instilled in me as an athlete. If I can pass these values onto my athletes, I am proud regardless of running performance but most of the time performance is followed. PASSION is what starts many running journeys. Whether it is a direct love for running or the post run feeling of accomplishment, I challenge my athletes to find their sense of passion. DISCIPLINE, might be one of my favorite core values because it makes me feel like Superwoman. As much as we can all love running, there are definitely times of struggle, frustration and disappointment. Discipline is not easy, but it separates the rest from the best. CONSISTENCY in training is imperative to drive results. Consistency creates routines and routines create success. I encourage athletes to find routines that become the baby steps to larger goals. Finally, TRUST was instilled in me by my college coach. He taught me to “Trust your fitness” and I love leaning into this when the nerves kick in on race day. Hard work pays off when races get tough. When times get tough, I remind my athletes to trust their efforts as they will continue to bring them far.

What is a go to, best "bang for your buck" workout that you like to assign to athletes?

My favorite workout to give, mixes speed and endurance. I love assigning 4-6 x 200m, followed by a 2-3 mile tempo run and ending with 2-4 x 200m. The goal of this workout is to start strong and focus on running economy in the first set of 200 meters. Then when the tempo run comes they can feel confident knowing it is a much slower pace than what they had just been hitting. Ending with a couple 200 meters reminds an athlete there is always more in the tank, even when you might not feel it.

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Most under appreciated training advice?

Rest is part of training! Finding comfort (without guilt) in letting your body recover is super important for progress.

Finally, what is your favorite Trackster feature?

My favorite feature on Trackster is the ease of updating and adjusting training plans. I love being able to color code and drag to move or copy workouts.

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