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Post training via text message

As a fun, extra feature athletes can now post training to Trackster with 1 SMS text message!


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Text to post training! (SMS training log)

enter image description here Since starting Trackster a couple years ago we've spent countless hours gathering research and feedback from all types of athletes and coaches.

From this research it seems like we've literally heard it all - some coaches tell their athletes incorrect splits during workouts because the placebo effect of running a certain time is more important than hearing the accurate one. Other coaches refuse to share upcoming workouts with athletes more than 24 hours before the session takes place.

We take all of this information into consideration while developing our product and actually keep track of how many times we've heard certain things from our feedback sessions.

Then, when a piece of feedback or concept in coaching has been told to us a certain number of times we look to incorporate it into our free training platform.

One thing we've heard over and over is that athletes (specifically high schoolers, no disrespeck) have a hard time remembering to post training on a daily basis. Some don't want to download another app but most are just too busy with homework (or TikTok) to be disturbed by a training log.

So, we're stoked to announce a fun, extra feature added to the Trackster platform.

Example text: "Post / 6.0mi / 43:20 / 6.0 / pretty solid recovery day, excited for the workout tomorrow! let's goo"

Athletes can simply send 1 single text message with their training info for that day, and Trackster will automatically post their training. All they have to do is connect their cell # to their Trackster profile and they never need to visit the app ever again.

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Join Trackster for free at www.trackster.us/app/#/ or download our mobile app and keep track of your training with one single text message!

Thanks for reading!

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