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The Biggest Update Ever

The Biggest Update Ever

As a consumer and fan of other popular apps, I've sometimes found myself disappointed with the lack of transparency from the developers. Usually big time apps will just have their updates on the app store say 'Major improvements' and they don't explain much else!

To put my money where my mouth is, I want to do my absolute best to outline and explain every little thing that has changed in the Trackster app. I will say there are some bits that, without a computer science background or a previous understanding of our app, will not make any sense.

Please enjoy and reach out on social @trackster_us with any questions or feedback!


With the help and crucial feedback from Joshua Sanchez and Charlie Lawrence, we did a ton in the way of improving the online coaching experience on Trackster.

  • Added "Coaching Info" page (Here coaches can upload waiver, coaching philosophy, intro video, offered packages, etc. for clients to see on their web page; see Coach Sanchez )
  • Improved online coaching payments stats.
  • Added Daily and Weekly view to Calendar (Previously only had monthly)
  • Hold Shift + click + drag to select multiple sessions on a training plan calendar
  • Right click on session on a training plan calendar to edit
  • Click the date text to see a pop up calendar overview, with session dots. Makes navigating a filled plan easier!
  • Added attached Direct Message option to plan
  • Added “Sesh Type” to sessions (ex: fartlek , long run)
  • Added “hidden until” option to sessions, blocks a session from being viewed until a certain date.
  • Added duplicate factors (Duplicate a plan to make a copy and shift dates. With factors, you can adjust every session by X amount while duplicating)
  • Added option to include videos and files in duplicated plans
  • Improved privacy for training plans, 'Me' especially
  • Improved location search for training plan session; add a location to a training plan session so athletes can get directions to a trail, track etc.
  • Fixed issue with displaying some plan’s attached PDFs and videos
  • Added time zone support for international coaches and Boost subscribers (syncs from users ‘location’ field on profile!)
  • Added ability to import training plan templates from Fin_l S_rage and Tr*ning Paks.
  • Added 'Drag n Drop' to iOS and Android calendar, previously was only on Web.

enter image description here


  • Added a screenshot button to quickly save and share Insights charts to social media, camera roll, etc
  • Added 'Avg Heart Rate' as chart data point option (previously options were distance, time, effort leave)
  • Added 'Calendar Chart' brand new way of visualizing data!
  • Improved Insights' Heatmap rendering and loading
  • Improved Heatmap privacy for profiles with Insights 'Privacy', also blocks training when profile's privacy is Everyone but specific posts' route privacy is 'Me'

enter image description here

Home and Posts

  • Added route privacy option for training post. Profile route privacy can be overidden for indivual post access. (Shout out Emily Durgin for the feedback!)
  • Fixed bug to allow viewing non-location data for GPS posts with private maps
  • Fixed copy URL option on training posts share pop up and throughout app
  • Fixed sharing to Instagram stories from training post screenshot
  • Improved explore users to be more random, fair and to serve better results
  • Improved player and display for training posts with videos. (Strava removed video support)

enter image description here


  • Improved GPS map animations with lap percentages displayed
  • Added individual lap percentages lines; tap a lap to see it on map
  • Added ability to sort GPS laps by any value (like heart rate, pace, etc), ascending or descending
  • Added map export directly to GPS view (existing was from training post)
  • Added text to display name of GPS device was used during training
  • Fixed bug for Apple Watch laps miscounting and format issue in Trackster Apple Watch
  • Added ability to create a route record directly from GPS activity
  • Added Contacts support on Android and iOS; will only access contacts from the 'Search' feature and will never share; improves ability to find your friends on Trackster! enter image description here


  • Added Donation Campaign feature to team profile
  • Improved the 'Trophy Tab' page on mobile, instead it's not tabs for easier viewing of 'Teams', 'Contests', 'Route Records', 'Virtual Runs', etc.


  • Basically all of the above updates in the Plans section also apply to Boost!
  • Moved the Boost questionnaire and sign up to "https://boost.trackster.us/. It's technically a separate app now which reduced load times for new people visiting the Boost URL by over 700%!


  • Added caching in places for reduced load times and overall speed throughout app
  • Added international phone number support to profile
  • Added ability to login with phone number
  • Added traffic and bike/trail overlay options on Route creation form
  • Improved notification and URL opening to pages within Trackster app
  • Added Gender field to shoe search to find Men or Women specific models
  • GPS auto post is now enabled by default for any new GPS connections.
  • Improved Str*va import from Settings
  • Added Support pages throughout (click the circle “?” button)
  • Fixed Direct Messaging from another user’s profile
  • Improved Route Record map, display and filtering
  • Fixed formatting bug on user profile training chart
  • Fixed issue with large iOS training post photos having grey bar or dropping pixels
  • Added ability to embed a post onto a web page
  • Changed so top 8 images shown on a user profile are ordered by likes + comments
  • Added contests to profile
  • Swim training posts and data always formatted in yards
  • View more info about a profile by clicking the "•••" button on the top right, then tap the text 'Profile Options'
  • Fixed an issue with creating a new DM from a profile you've never messaged before
  • Fixed Nike shoe images and broader catalogue support.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Confirm Password' field was capitalizing the first letter but the 'Password' field was NOT. Confusing!

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