GPS & Devices

GPS devices add an extra layer of incredible data to training. With Trackster athletes can track their training with our in-house iPhone & Apple Watch or connect Garmin / Polar accounts.

Sync & log with GPS devices

Training with GPS devices can add an extra, awesome layer to your training. User Garmin, Polar or Apple Watch devices with Trackster to automatically post runs to your Trackster log.

Share map with custom styles

Make sure you're not training on broken-down shoes and receive notifications when your pair is ready to be replaced!

Track with the built-in Trackster GPS app

Trackster users can also train with their Trackster app on iPhone or Apple Watch and automatically track pace, heart race, route, elevation (+ more) and then post to their log!

Attach multiple GPS activities to single post

Sometimes training can be broken up into multiple Garmin & Polar activities (like warm up, workout and cool down). No problem - simply attach multiple GPS activites to one, single post on Trackster.

Auto-upload GPS data from multiple accounts

Users can connect their accounts and turn on auto-post to log GPS activites as soon as they sync with Trackster, complete with a random inspirational quote or emoji 🤠💯

Thanks for checking out the Trackster GPS feature!

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