Follow these steps to get completely set up on Trackster and explore all of our features

  • 1. Download Trackster app

    iPhone / iOS users download by clicking here

    All others sign up by clicking here

    Your Trackster account will work the same across all platforms so login with an exisiting Trackster account

  • 2. Authorize Polar

    Sign in just once to connect your Polar account forever!

    Navigate to your profile settings

    → Tap the bottom right tab on the iPhone app to go to your profile

    → Tap the gear button on the top right of your profile on the iPhone app to go to your settings

    Polar Flow

    → Tap the Polar settings text to prompt the Polar login

    → Enter your Polar credentials to authorize Trackster's usage

  • 3. Logging runs w/ Polar

    Run with Polar & upload the activity

    → When you complete your run with a Polar GPS watch, it will upload to Trackster

    Go to the "+ Create New" post page

    → Once your Polar account has been successfully connected, you will see an area here to select Activities

    → Tap the activities area to select from your Polar synced activities

    → Give plenty of time for Polar activities to sync before you post with them.

    Trackster has to sync with Polar Flow to display your activities.

  • 4. Viewing your Trackster x Polar post

    There's more coming to help the Polar experience!

    View Polar activity data with post

    → Once attached to a post, users will be able to view the Polar route, elevation, heart rate, pace, etc.

    → Web support for Polar activity will be deployed by March 1, 2019.

  • 5. Help & More

    Your athletes can log all of their training through Trackster. You can direct message, create teams, comment, like, share & much more with Trackster!

    If you ever have any trouble, questions or concerns please hit us up



    Team Trackster


Getting started!