Follow these steps to get completely set up on Trackster and explore all of our features

  • 1. Download Stopwatch app

    → The stopwatch is currently under development in Android - Support development w/ a purchase

    iPhone / iOS users download by clicking here

    Your Trackster account will work the same across all platforms so login with an exisiting Trackster account

  • 2. Learn the basics

    A little bit of practice will go a long way ... you'll be a master in no time!

    Volume DOWN to START / STOP

    → Press the lower volume button to start and/or stop the Stopwatch.

    Volume UP to SPLIT

    → Press the upper volume button to record a split on the Stopwatch.

    Shake to RESET / EDIT

    → Shake the stopwatch while timing to edit the stopwatch timer or reset it completely.

    Assign athletes & enter settings in session down time

    → The Trackster stopwatch has more extra features to it - tap the MENU icon in the Stopwatch to see them!!

    → We recommend editing these while athletes are resting or in the middle of a rep so that you have time to type. (the volume buttons still work, though)

  • 3. Finish & upload

    Uploading your session

    → When you're ready to finish the workout, race or session, tap the menu button next to the big timer.

    → Enter any workout details that you want to include (like athletes, goal times, reps, etc.)

    → Click 'Upload' when ready ...

    Success! Now your results have been saved forever. Any athletes included also received a notification to view these results.

    Editing results

    → Any athlete or owner of the results can edit the times after the session in the main Trackster app.

    → This way all of the times can either be captured with the stopwatch or entered in after the fact / corrected.

  • 4. Training plans

    Trackster was built for your training log, plans, stopwatch results + more

    Find exisiting plans

    → Navigate to the calendar icon / plans tab of the Trackster app

    → Tap the "Find / create plans" button

    → Search for the plan you're looking for, or browse other plans by Trackster coaches

    Creating plans

    → Tap the top button to create your own plans.

    → Fill in the information for your training plans

    → You can begin entering the daily training, or enter that later

    TShirts, Teams and extras

    → The creator of a training plan can choose from optional extras like a race day meet up, TShirt, Trackster Team, & more.
    → This is up to the Trackster coach to fulfill but encouraged!

    Become a Trackster coach

    → To learn more about Trackster online coaching & training plans click here

    → Become a verified Trackster user to set a price on your coaching plans by emailing

  • 3. Help & More

    Your athletes can log all of their training through Trackster. You can direct message, create teams, comment, like, share & much more with Trackster!

    If you ever have any trouble, questions or concerns please hit us up



    Team Trackster


Getting started!