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A training log is crucial to improving as an athlete. With Trackster, users build a habit of accountability, view progress & share with followers!

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Connect GPS devices or record with Trackster app

Use your GPS devices or the Trackster GPS & Apple Watch feature to capture route, heart rate, elevation, pace and much more!

Track shoe mileage & receive deals on your next pair

Make sure you're not training on broken-down shoes and receive notifications when your pair is ready to be replaced! Also view who else on Trackster trains with your shoe.

Draw or record your favorite routes to save & share

Create a route by tapping along the map or by running with Trackster GPS features. Save to your profile and share with your team!

Easily communicate with coach, friends & teammates

Training doesn't have to be a solo sport! Invite & follow friends on Trackster to like posts, leave GIF comments, send direct messages & more. Find PROs and other athletes in the Trackster community.

Quickly add workout/race results for multiple athletes to use

Instead of typing out a full workout / race in your post description, create Results and attach any athletes involved. Then, select the Results on your training post for a more in-depth breakdown.

Turn on a daily reminder to post training

It's important to build a habit of logging and accountability. With Trackster you can receive a custom notification to remember! Also, receive notifications for teammate's posts & more!


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