Training Log

We belive logging training is a crucial part of being a great athlete. With Trackster, users build a habit of accountability, view progress and communicate with teammates while including important data!

Posting training is easy & simple

Trackster makes logging easy; add any image & video with other extras and share with your coach/team in seconds!

Connect GPS devices

Use your GPS devices or the Trackster GPS & Apple Watch feature to capture route, heart rate, elevation, pace and much more!

Avoid worn-down shoes

Make sure you're not training on broken-down shoes and receive notifications when your pair is ready to be replaced! Also view who else on Trackster trains with your shoe.

Draw & save new routes

Create a route by tapping along the map, save once and re-use the route again next time you post with it! Teammates can use routes as well.

Communicate with coach & friends

Being an athlete is not a solo sport; follow friends and teammates, leave GIF comments, private comments and likes! Find PROs and other athletes in the Trackster community.

Easily add workout/race results

Insert results from a workout, race or time trial with your training post. Capture your entire training session in one quick, easy post.

Remember to log & view posts

It's important to build a habit of logging and accountability - receive a custom notification to remember! Also, receive notifications for teammate's posts & more!

Thanks for checking out the Trackster Training Log feature!

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