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Host virtual race events and manage in-person meets

A training log is crucial to improving as an athlete. With Trackster, users build a habit of accountability, view progress & share with followers!

Learn How To

Upload viritual race entries with GPS data & extras

Virtual Meets

Invite users to participate in your virtual race on Trackster. Then, watch as virtual entries are submitted for your athletes -- wherever their located!

Receive donations for your virtual meet's cause

Virtual Meets

Hosting a virtual race on Trackster doesn't just have to be for competitive fun - meet owners can receive donations or payments for their cause directly to their bank account

Create meet results & share media

In-Person Meets

Create results for each race in the meet manually, or Use the Trackster Stopwatch to quickly upload splits & times. Also, upload archived images or media to share w/ the meet (like a course map or insane finishing kick video!)

Invite unlimited teams to participate and collaborate

In-Person Meets

Whether it's a dual meet or state-wide invite, Trackster can handle everything your meet needs in one, easy place. Invite unlimited teams to your meet!

Collaborate on heat sheets with teams' coaches

In-Person Meets

Set a team limit and race type. Then, other coaches & teams can contribute their athletes to the heats and view them on the app. Heats can be exported, printed & edited in real-time!


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