Follow these steps to get completely set up on Trackster and explore all of our features


    The following tutorial will show Trackster Web app screenshots but the same features can be found in the iPhone app.

  • 1. Create your Trackster account

    • Download the iOS training app & register

    iPhone / iOS users download by clicking here

    • Register on the web app version of Trackster

    All other users join by clicking here

    Trackster is a training log and running tool. Features include GPS/Garmin/Apple Watch integration, a complimentary stopwatch app & online coaching market place!

  • 2. Create your payment account

    We use a third party payment service called Stripe for all payments.

    It is a fantastic platform that will allow coaches to get their own payments with Trackster receiving a small percentage depending on certain qualities of the training plan.

    Create your Stripe account to receive direct payments

    Powered by STRIPE©


    Training plan basics

    Here are a few ways to ensure you're using the Trackster coaching platform in the best way.

    Creating a new plan

    → Enter all information for your training plan

    Ex: Marathon fall plan, starts on 08/12/19 ends on 12/12/19

    → We recommend adding a picture that represents your plan in some way


    good pic

    for training plan vs.

    a bad pic

    Choosing your pricing

    → A One time payment is good if you do NOT want to update the plan over a continous amount of time and NOT be in contact with athletes

    → A Weekly or Monthly payment is good if you DO want to update the plan over a continous amount of time and DO want to be in contact with athletes

    The ability to add price will only appear after you have created and connected your STRIPE account

    Payment plans on STRIPE


    For every unique type of pricing you choose for your plans on Trackster, you need a payment plan on STRIPE.

    Ex: To receive money for a $120.00 / month Trackster plan you must have an exsisitng STRIPE plan created in your account with that pricing in place.

    → In order for payments to work properly you must follow this step!

    → Create a payment plan in the STRIPE dashboard by clicking BILLING > PRODUCTS

    Do you have a "TRACKSTER" training product already created?


    1. Click the TRACKSTER product to view plans. Skip ahead


    1. Click the + New button to create a product on Stripe

    2. Enter TRACKSTER as the product name

    3. Enter TRACKSTER as the statement description

    4. Click Create product to save your TRACKSTER product on STRIPE

    → Click + Add pricing plan to create a new payment plan

    → Enter your payment plan with a name, an ID and pricing. Let's make a $200.00 / month plan.


    • Name = "200 monthly"

    • ID = "4765-WEEKLY-20000"

    ☞ This is important. The plan ID must consist of your "user_id" - "weekly" or "monthly" - "price" in total cents

    ☞ Your 'user_id' should have been received in an email to your Trackster account when you registered with Stripe.

    • Price per unit = "200.00"

    • Billing interval = "Monthly"

    • Click Add pricing plan



    You must send a picture of the created payment plan in your Stripe accountto to verify your plan before receiving payments.

  • 4. Training plans & coaching

    Scheduling training

    Here is how to plan each day of training for your athletes. We highly recommend planning on the web app.

    → Click + Add pricing plan to create a new payment plan

  • 3. Help & More

    Your athletes can log all of their training through Trackster. You can direct message, create teams, comment, like, share & much more with Trackster!

    If you ever have any trouble, questions or concerns please hit us up



    Team Trackster


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