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Spring Season

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Strength-based Training Plan for spring 2020 // Ends in June, breaks included. distances 3000m up to 10000 meters, roads, track, and cross country.

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7 Day preview

  • Wed 01/08 • day of no running


  • Tue 01/07 •

    6.0 mi

    again, keep it easy, not much to say here but eventually this will become a workout day most likley hills, fartleks, or tempos.

  • Tue 01/07 • None


    Eventually on tuesdays and thursdays I will suggest a strength training routine to do after these morning shakeout runs but for now lets keep it simple

  • Mon 01/06 • Aerobic

    6.0 mi

    do not slog, but do not run hard either if that makes any sense. from here on out this is what "Aerobic" means. DM me if you have any questions.

  • Sun 01/05 • Long run

    7.0 mi

    Keep it relaxed early on at least, if you feel like progressing at the end go ahead. we will get one mile longer each week until you have reached a point you are comfortable with as your long run

  • Sat 01/04 • Saturdays are recovery days

    3.0 mi • 20:00-30:00

    Roll/sretch/ice anything thats bugging you

  • Fri 01/03 • Fridays will eventually be workout days

    6.0 mi • None

    Run an easy 5 miles and then do 5-8 100m strideouts at about 90% effort (which basically means hard, but not all out)