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2020-2021 XC Summer Calendar

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This plan is for experienced distance runners who are looking to run 21:00 - 25:00 in the 5k. This plan is designed to help athletes build a strong base to enhance training in the fall. The goal of this program is for an athlete to be able to run 8 miles consistently at a 8:30 min/mile pace by August. Within this plan, athletes will also work on speed and strength.

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  • Sat 08/15 • Rest Day

    You may take today completely off! Enjoy your day and let your body rest. Eat well and hydrate for your long run tomorrow :)

  • Fri 08/14 • Speed Play

    3.0 mi

    SEE BELOW FOR THE FORMAT OF THIS WORKOUT: Despite Cross Country being a distance sport, speed still plays an important role. It is important to train your fast twitch muscles in addition to creating long lean muscles. This is something many cross country runners miss incorporating into their summer programs, but will help you tremendously when it comes to racing in the fall. It will also help increase your overall fitness and quicken your pace on longer runs. See below for the format of this Speed Play Workout SPEED PLAY FORMAT: -10 minutes continuous running warm up - 6 sets of (60 sec @ moderate run pace, 45 sec @ tempo pace, 30 sec sprint, 45 second run) -NO REST between running reps (i.e. 3 minutes of running straight without stopping), 2 min resting walk between sets) -10 minutes of continuous running cool down

  • Thu 08/13 • Striders

    A strider is an accelerated run that lasts about 100 yards. Your running form should not change (meaning you should NOT literally stride your legs out). Instead you should increase your speed over 100 yards from your Moderate Run pace to a near sprint by the end. You should do 6-8 striders AFTER your run.

  • Thu 08/13 • Team Practice

    Coach Karkuff is offering a team practice on this day. The time and location will be announced in the REMIND. The purpose of these runs is to run with your teammates, build team unity, and enjoy running in various, unique locations in the area. While we may meet at the school, we will not be running in New Oxford for any summer team runs!

  • Thu 08/13 • Moderate Run

    6.12 mi • 50:00

    A moderate run is what you can consider a "standard" or "regular" run. It will be slightly shorter than your long run and the pace should be 15 seconds faster per mile than your long run. So, you should be able to exchange words or short sentences with someone, but not full on sentences or conversations.

  • Wed 08/12 • Endurance Run

    2.78 mi • 35:00

    An endurance run is meant to add to your weekly mileage, at pace that is slightly faster than a moderate run. These runs will be shorter in time, but should be a similar difficulty level as your moderate run because of the pace. Endurance runs should be 30-60 seconds faster per per mile than your long run. In addition to a run, you will also include a Core Circuit.

  • Wed 08/12 • Core Circuit

    Strengthening your Core Muscles (abs, back muscles, biceps, triceps, hip flexors, glutes, quads, and hamstrings) is a key part of distance running. These muscles help your body stay tall, and propel you throughout a run. Choose from 1 of the 3 cirucuits attached to this plan (Blue, Maroon, or Grey). You may also add in exercises from the supplemental exercises. You may do these circuits more frequently then scheduled, but it is important to work them in at least 2-3 times a week. We will continue to do these exercises throughout the season.