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  • Tue 04/13 • Rest

    Rest days are just as important as workouts & long runs! Make sure you hydrate, sleep and avoid exerting too much physical energy. This will set you up well for future training -- take advantage :)

  • Mon 04/12 • Recovery

    10.0 mi • 1:22:30

    Some people refer to a recovery type run as an 'easy' run. This is not completely true, though, as any experienced runner knows even the most relaxed run can still be a challenge in its own way. So, do not focus on taking it easy, but instead on getting solid mileage without pushing the pace. Listen to your body and get some work in while allowing some space for your body to recover for your next workout or long run. You'll get better at this process as you go. Find soft surface and a good training partner -- if possible! Follow the general strength video after, too.

  • Sun 04/11 • Long run

    18.0 mi

    A long run should consist of 15-25% of your weekly mileage. Find a solid route to run or a trail that you won't be interrupted by traffic. The common thought amongst successful distance runners is that it's better to mix up the long run -- have some be slow, have some faster, some much longer, some not all that 'long'. It's better to not over do it so that you'll be back for next week's long run and the race after that.

  • Sat 04/10 • race

    Well, your race day is here! We're so excited for your upcoming performance. Believe in yourself and trust that the training you have done has left you totally prepared to have a great race. You don't have to do anything super-human or totally crazy - just give it your all, stay relaxed & focused, and HAVE FUN!!

  • Fri 04/09 • Pre Meet

    Race day is almost here! Follow this pre-meet workout to get your primed up and ready to go for your performance. GOOD LUCK! Workout: 25-35 minute relaxed run followed up with 5 good, fast strides with ample rest in between.

  • Thu 04/08 • Workout

    7.0 mi • 08:15

    Workout Workout Window: 96

  • Wed 04/07 • cycle intervals


    Today should not be a brutal workout. There is only a structure to this session to prevent bordedom during cross training :). Get a 5-15min warm up in. Then, go straight into 10x 1000m repeat workout on the bike (as long as you are able to track distance).