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  • Fri 08/13 • swim fartlek


    Today should not be a brutal workout. There is only a structure to this session to prevent bordedom during cross training :). Get a 5-15min warm up in. Then, go straight into 20-30min of total swimming with 1-2 minute bursts of increased effort/pace, depending on your water area and what's convenient. Cool down equally to warm up

  • Thu 08/12 • Workout

    7.0 mi • 08:20

    Workout 18

  • Wed 08/11 • Recovery

    9.0 mi • 1:15:00

    WINDOW: 17 OVERALL WEEKS: 288CURRENT MILES 3.5 SCALE RATE 10.0 Some people refer to a recovery type run as an 'easy' run but calling it that is not completely accurate! As any experienced runner knows, even the most relaxed run can still be a challenge in its own way. Watch the video for tips from Pro SteepleChase Runner Emma Coburn attached below.

  • Tue 08/10 • Workout

    7.0 mi • 08:20

    Workout 17

  • Mon 08/09 • Rest

    Rest days are just as important as workouts & long runs! Make sure you hydrate, sleep and avoid exerting too much physical energy. This will set you up well for future training -- take advantage :)

  • Sun 08/08 • swim recovery


    Do a straight up, continous session as if it were a recovery day for running. Should not be brutal or too difficult at all - just get the heart rate elevated and work some different muscles than running.

  • Sat 08/07 • Workout

    7.0 mi • 08:20

    Workout 17