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Building A Base

This plan is for everyone and anyone: new to running, the occasional jogger looking for more, to avid runner coming to the spot for a shiny PR.

Alex National Guard Training

June 1st- Oct. 2miles in 12 mins here we come!

Marathon 26.2

This plan is for working your way to a marathon PR. You will need a base before heading into this plan. This includes goal setting, training basics, running technique, race season planning, proper rest, race recovery, stretching exercises, mental game strategies, injury prevention exercises and some nutrition advice.

Nick's Miles of a Champ

This Plan is for getting you back in check. It will guide you with a progressive and smart build of mileage, speed and recovery.

Alex National Guard Training

2 miles in 12 mins!

Adri's 5k

Bringing in speed! Goals: End of summer 5k time trial and crushing 2 miles fast!

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