Follow these steps to get completely set up on Trackster and explore all of our features

  • 1. Download & Sign Up

    → You can use Trackster on your iPhone, Android or Web devices. First, download and create a Trackster account. Our Web and Android versions are being updated rapidly.

    iPhone / iOS users download by clicking here

    Desktop / web sign up by clicking here [BETA]

    Android users download by clicking here [BETA]

    Your Trackster account will work the same across all platforms so feel free to sign in on more than one!

  • 2. Post your training

    This will show the iOS app but it's the same steps for other platforms.

    General post

    → Tap the "+ Create post" button from the home feed

    → Enter your training data for that post. Description cannot be left blank. Everything else is optional. The more you can add to your post, the better!

    Include route

    → To add the route you ran, via Goole Maps, tap "Add route". Select from any routes on Trackster, or tap "Add" in the top right corner to create your own. Simply tap to draw on road/trail where you ran. Tap done to save.

    Include shoe

    → To add the shoe you ran tap "Add shoe". Select from your previously created shoes, or tap "+ Create new". When creating new you can enter a max distance and optionally set the shoe as your default, so it's automatically included in posts.

    Privacy & date options

    → Date of training post can be changed by tapping "Today" above the blue Submit button.
    → Users can also change the privacy of their post to "Everyone", "Team" or "Me" to only share the post with the respective people.

  • 3. Create / join a team

    Trackster is better with teams! Find or create one by following these steps

    Create new team

    → Navigate to the trophy icon / team tab of the Trackster app

    → Tap the "Create new" button

    → Enter your team's detail,

    Invite friends

    → Tap the top "•••" button in the top right of your new team and select "Invite Athletes" to send a text with team info

    (or copy & paste this = APP LINK )

    Having a team helps

    → Being on a team will improve your Trackster experience - you can view Team specific posts, keep things private for your team and have suggested things based on the team you're on.

    Team Insights

    → View statistics and insights about your team's training. Viewable only by members of your team

  • 4. Training plans

    Trackster was built for your training log, plans, stopwatch results + more

    Find exisiting plans

    → Navigate to the calendar icon / plans tab of the Trackster app

    → Tap the "Find / create plans" button

    → Search for the plan you're looking for, or browse other plans by Trackster coaches

    Creating plans

    → Tap the top button to create your own plans.

    → Fill in the information for your training plans

    → You can begin entering the daily training, or enter that later

    TShirts, Teams and extras

    → The creator of a training plan can choose from optional extras like a race day meet up, TShirt, Trackster Team, & more.
    → This is up to the Trackster coach to fulfill but encouraged!

    Become a Trackster coach

    → To learn more about Trackster online coaching & training plans click here

    → Become a verified Trackster user to set a price on your coaching plans by emailing

  • 3. Help & More

    Your athletes can log all of their training through Trackster. You can direct message, create teams, comment, like, share & much more with Trackster!

    If you ever have any trouble, questions or concerns please hit us up



    Team Trackster


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