Save and share your training

Post runs with distance, time and more to your Trackster profile & followers

We believe that keeping a consistent log will help you improve as a runner

Create running routes via Google Maps

Tap along Google Maps to re-create the route you ran. Give it a name and save for later!

Run a route once, draw it out, and tag to your training posts with just a tap next time!


Connect and manage shoes

Automatically keep track of shoe mileage and get deals on your next pair, all through Trackster

Create shoes, set a maxmimum distance and a default/daily shoe. Attach shoes to training posts

Tag teammates and Trackster friends

Did you run with a group? Tag your training buddies to your post!

Most running groups have a forgetful friend - if you tag, they'll get a notification about their post!


GPS track run

Run with your phone and automatically track the entire thing with Trackster.

Go to the home feed, and gap the green "GPS" button

Thanks for checking out the Trackster stopwatch features!
We promise it'll change the way you time runners!

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