Trackster Stopwatch App

Coordinating XC & Track meets can be a nightmare. With Trackster teams & coaches can easily build meets and even broadcast live videoand receive payments!

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Record splits with a tap!

Replicate the feel of a normal stopwatch

Record all splits just by using the volume buttons of your cell phone. DOWN to Start / Stop UP to record a split time

Record multiple sessions at once

Create and toggle between many color coded stopwatches

Create training posts and keep track of your time and distance. Also include, stopwatch results, routes, images, shoes & more!


Extra settings & Meets!

The stopwatch will automatically save your location and weather while timing. You can also upload direct to a meet you're hosting on Trackster.

The stopwatch also has settings to customize the main timers, enter goal/rest times, & more.

Take action pics while timing

Use your iphone camera to snap a picture without leaving the stopwatch app

Athletes love to see pictures from their running afterwards on their log. Whoever is using the stopwatch can easily toggle the camera.

Thanks for checking out the Trackster stopwatch features!

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