Training log

A daily training log is a crucial tool that helps track progress and improvement as a runner.

▪︎ Attach shoes and routes to track distance

▪︎ Upload images or video

▪︎ Set post privacy to public, team only or me only

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Trackster is best for teams - high school, college, club - or really any group of runners in-person or virtual.

▪︎ Create, join + manage teams.

▪︎ Take daily attendance records and save them.

▪︎ Organize the team with customizable training groups

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Create/join training plans + add to the calendar

▪︎ Include videos, PDFs & files with the training program

▪︎ Handle payments for coaching in-app, powered by Stripe

▪︎ Organize the team with custom training groups

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GPS devices

Connect to GARMIN, Polar + Apple Watch GPS devices to automatically post training.

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Manage your shoes to keep track of mileage and max distance.

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View stats + track training progress over time.

▪︎ Personal stats with distance, time + effort level

▪︎ Team stats to see who on the squad is working

▪︎ View who is on top of Trackster with leaderboards

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Draw custom routes, or run w/ GPS, and simply tap once to re-use the route next time.

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Personal records

Share new achievements with images + details!

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Trackster Content

Did you know we make running videos + stories, too?

PRO subscriptions

Pay to follow certain pro runners on Trackster - over 85% of the money goes directly to the athlete!

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Easily send messages to your friends and groups on Trackster (w/ GIFs)

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Platform stats

We're just getting started at Trackster - but we've already got some amazing athletes + teams using our apps everyday.


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