Log daily training

Post runs with GPS activity, shoes, image/video & more

Logging runs helps runners and teams build a habit of accountability and reflection. It also makes it easy to track progress over weeks, months and years of hard work!

Connect GPS devices

All of your favorite Garmin, Polar & Apple Watch devices can automatically post runs with Heart Rate, Elevation, Pace data & more.

Track Shoes

Create and post with your shoes to monitor miles & get recommendations on new purchases via RunningWarehouse.

Save Routes

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Share W/ Friends

Follow teammates, training partners and friends on Trackster. Then, share your runs and view other people's activities.

Attach Image or Video

Upload videos or images with any post on Trackster. Customize filters and share your photos on Trackster & other social media!

Include Results

Include workout or race splits by manually entering times. OR have your coach record times with the Trackster Stopwatch & automatically upload.

Start your team

Coaches and athletes of all levels welcome!

From junior varsity high school to elite pro clubs, Trackster helps all groups of runners make the most of their miles -- for free!

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Follow custom plans & coaching

Schedule plans with distance, time & more

Trackster makes it easy for online and in-person coaches to share training plans. Payments are direct to a coaches bank account. Athletes can build their own plans, too!

Host your meet (or race!)

Live video stream, heat sheets, results & more -- all on Trackster.

Clubs can host meets on Trackster and receive payments & donations from spectators. Live stream your meet with unlimited cameras and viewers!

Additional Features

Personal Records

Archive newly achieved personal records on your profile with a note, images and/or details about the performance!


Keep track of attendance by selecting 'absent' or 'present' for an entire team roster, and save to team profile.


See who has been logging the most distance & time on the entire Trackster platform, with custom date ranges, in the Insights section.

Daily Reminder

Set a custom daily reminder in Settings to receive a notification or email every day that reminds your to log any training on Trackster.

Team Chat

Message your entire team instantly via the messages section of a team profile. Images, GIFs and more supported!

Custom Profile Color

Set your own profile color via Settings and rep your favorite style on Trackster!

Trackster Content

Did you know we make running videos + stories, too?