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  • Wed 02/09 • 3x4 2x1 Fartlek

    5.8 mi

    7 | 7 | False Warm Up: 1.5 mi. 3x ( • 4:00 - Try to maintain goal race pace for 5 minutes! • 1:30 - Rest ) 2x ( • 1:00 @ 5:28/mi average pace • 1:30 - Rest ) Cool Down: 1.5 mi.

  • Wed 02/09 • Injury Prevention


    Follow any attached videos and the routines for injury prevention and general strength. These exercises are crucial for improving your form and staying healthy while continuing to run day in and day out! | 1

  • Tue 02/08 • Rest Day

    Rest days are important. While you're taking the day off from any training, it is still important to focus on things like sleep, hydration and not getting off your consistency! Enjoy your rest day and we'll see you for your next session.

  • Mon 02/07 • Recovery Run

    4.92 mi • 39:23

    Some people refer to a recovery type run as an 'easy' run but calling it that is not completely accurate! As any experienced runner knows, even the most relaxed run can still be a challenge in its own way. Focus on being relaxed and not using too much mental energy. You're just getting in some solid mileage in preparation for your next hard workout. As always make sure to watch any videos for tips from our Boost pro runners!

  • Sun 02/06 • Long Run

    8.62 mi • 1:08:55

    A long run usually consists of anywhere from 15 to 30% of an athlete's weekly mileage. Earlier long runs in your training block may be less than that but are helpful to get prepared for the coming weeks! Sometimes it's good to speed up throughout a long run and work down to a faster pace. Other days you should not focus on time and instead just get the prescribed time or distance complete. As always, watch any attached videos to learn more about long runs with our Boost pro runners! 8 | 13

  • Sat 02/05 • swim recovery

    Do a straight up, continous session as if it were a recovery day for running. Should not be brutal or too difficult at all - just get the heart rate elevated and work some different muscles than running.

  • Fri 02/04 • 2x1 Mile Tempo

    5.37 mi

    6 | 6 | False Warm Up: 1.5 mi. 2x ( • 1.0mi. @ 6:17/mi average pace • 2:00 - Rest ) 3x ( • 0.12mi. @ 5:28/mi average pace • 0:45 - Rest ) Cool Down: 1.5 mi.