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The Trackster Ultimate Summer Running Camp!

Join us July 23-29 in Fort Collins, CO for the best training experience ever!


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Jansen Corson: Triple Crown Endurance Summer 2022

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Paul Stafford

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7 Day preview

  • Sun 07/03 • Short recovery


    Afterward stretch and take an ice bath after stretching for max benefit.

  • Sat 07/02 • Long run

    11.0 mi-12.0 mi

    Nice and easy, drills and 5x15 sec strides afterward. Hydrate, eat well, rest up.

  • Fri 07/01 • Easy day

    7.5 mi-8.5 mi

    Do continuous core series after run today, keep the pace on these easy/long runs nice and easy.

  • Thu 06/30 • Light speed

    4.0 mi-7.0 mi

    Warm up 35 minutes then do drills and strides. Then do 3 sets of 3x30 seconds efforts at Easy-Medium-Hard. 2:30 rest between sets and 60-75 second rest between reps. The effort for your set 1 reps should be the same as your set 3 reps. Each set should go like this: Easy-Medium-Hard. Afterard cool down 1-2 miles and stretch/roll.

  • Wed 06/29 • Easy day

    7.5 mi-8.5 mi

    After the run today do 2 sets of 10 eccentric calf raises off stairs on each leg and 2 sets of 10 walking lunges on each leg. Stretch all muscle groups.

  • Tue 06/28 • Alt miles

    8.0 mi-9.0 mi

    Warm up 2 miles with drills and strides Hard-Easy-Medium-Hard-Easy-Hard 5:30-6:10-5:50-5:25-6:00-5:25 Cool down 1 mile and then do continuous core series and hip mobility

  • Mon 06/27 • Easy day

    7.5 mi-8.5 mi

    Hip mobility sequence afterward, remember all easy runs should be easy and at conversation pace.