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Jansen Corson: Triple Crown Endurance Summer 2022

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  • Wed 08/24 • Easy day

    9.0 mi-10.0 mi

    After the run do drills and 7x15 sec strides

  • Tue 08/23 • Easy day

    9.0 mi-10.0 mi

    After the run do core series, try to go longer if you haven’t improved it in a while.

  • Mon 08/22 • Hill reps

    5.0 mi-7.0 mi

    Warm up 3 miles with drills and strides, find a hill and then do 10 hill reps with jog down rest, preferably a hill you can go for 40+ seconds long on. For jog down rest you jog to the bottom then immediately turn and start the next rep. Cool down 1-2 miles and then do core series and stretch all muscle groups.

  • Sun 08/21 • OFF DAY

    Stay off your feet, go for a walk and do some recovery if you’d like

  • Sat 08/20 • Long run

    9.0 mi-10.0 mi

    Easy on the pace, drills and strides after, recovery as well through the day

  • Fri 08/19 • Mona Fartlek


    1-2 mile warm up with drills and strides This fartlek totals 20 minutes, the rests are always equal to the previous hard rep you just ran: 2x90, 4x60, 4x30, 4x15 For example, the first 6 min of the workout will be hard 90 sec, float rest 90 sec, hard 90 sec, float rest 90 sec, then you’d move on the the set of 60 sec reps. Ideally you want to make the rests as close to medium pace as possible while still being able to recover for the hard reps. This is completely effort based as most fartleks are. Cool down 1-2 miles after and then do some form of recovery.

  • Thu 08/18 • Easy day

    5.0 mi-7.0 mi

    It is very easy to go too hard when coming down from altitude. You will likely feel very strong aerobically, take the pace easy no matter what.