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Westfield Pizza Run 5K Plan (Marisa Iafolla)

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Marisa Iafolla

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This is the FREE 5K program for the Downtown Westfield Virtual Pizza Run 5K *( This plan was copied for Marisa Iafolla)

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7 Day preview

  • Sun 07/19 • RACE DAY :: 5K

    Let's roll! Hit a good warm up, some strides, and let's rip. Do a cool down after as well.

  • Sat 07/18 • Pre Race Shake Out + Strides


    Do what you need to do to feel ready to rock. Recommended 20min Jog + 4x Strides.

  • Fri 07/17 • Off Day / Rest


  • Thu 07/16 • Mid Week Moderate + 4x Strides

    Focus on keeping this steady and finishing with our strides. Steady means between a jog and a tempo, as close as you'll get to me saying - just go out and run. Beginner :: 2-3mi Intermediate :: 4-5mi Advanced :: 6-8mi

  • Wed 07/15 • Active Recovery

    Foam roll, stretch, EPSOM salt bath, you name it - do what you need to do, to be ready for the rest of the week !

  • Tue 07/14 • Strength Intervals

    These are to be run at GOAL 5K pace. This will be your hardest session of the week. 10min Warm Up & Cool Down Beginner :: 6x 300m @ 5K Goal Pace, 500m Recovery Jog Intermediate :: 8x 300m @ 5K Goal Pace, 500m Recovery Jog Advanced :: 10x 300m @ 5K Goal Pace, 500m Recovery Jog

  • Mon 07/13 • Recovery Run + 4x Strides

    Keep it EASY, super easy. Finish with strides. Strides are 80 to 100m controlled sprints at the end of the run focusing on turn over. These are not meant to tire you out but to have you feeling even BETTER the next day. Walk back rest. Regroup. And hit. Beginner = 15min Jog Intermediate = 20min Jog Advanced = 30min Jog