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Hike • June 30, 2024, 9:38 p.m.

5.95 mi. ∙ 1:58:39 ∙ /mi

Swallows Cliff adventure today with Cubbin, Melkus and Owen. Started by walking up these massive stairs, which was not the normal parking lot we are used to, that led to a shrine looking thing and then continued along a wide open path. It was pretty crowded and we reached a lake and also Cubbin’s worst enemy, an ice cream truck at another parking lot. We then double backed and reached a trail which said foot traffic which seemed to be a narrow path encapsulated by small ferns and maybe would lead to some great views of the cliffs. Cubbin and I exaggerated the truth and led the other two down this path which we had definitely run on before, 100%, certainly, definitely, 100%. We then trekked through a dense forest where we thought we would never find the path again because of how many twists and turns it took us. We were surrounded by bushes and shrubs that scrapped our legs and completely alone in the deepest parts of the woods. We found no other people along this path which we had gone down for over an hour. Melkus was slowly losing hungry and sanity as he somehow mistrusted our pack leader and guide James cubbin who had assured him of our safety. It was looking grim as we nearly reached a dead end some 40-45 min in where we were thinking about turning back. But we didn’t give up and pushed on forwards, over the tumbled trees and logs, through a creek which cut through the forest, and under the vegetation which forced us to crouch through. And then… we made it. The path was found and we were only a 20 min walk ish away from the parking lot. It was crazy because there was several crossroads which may have led us to a completely different trail or area where we actually would’ve been lost in the night. Very thrilling outdoor hike/walk adventure today in the afternoon where it wasn’t even too hot, didn’t need a water bottle up in the cliffs. Saw some frogs as well. The end was filled with amazement as we found P Reed waiting for us. Shoutout to James Cubbin for his homemade lavender cookie surprise. Oh yeah and I came home and did some flexibility, balance and martial art exercises.



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