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Momin Ahmed

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Run • March 16, 2024, 7:37 p.m.

3.5 mi. ∙ 30:00 ∙ /mi

1600m race, PRd by 10 sec for a 5:07 (while fasting). Unfortunately lost my heat by half a second, really wanted that first win. I feel like I paced the race really well, I just wish that I knew that guy was coming up on me earlier because I probably would have been more motivated to kick. Honestly though my calves were dying during the race from no food and my throat was killing me from no water; I coughed a bunch. I feel like sub-5 is definitely in reach now. So many shout-outs today so sorry if I forgot someone- Isa for winning his heat while fasting, Noah for winning his heat, Ian for winning his heat, Evan for second by 0.04 sec and huge PR, Kasra and Evan for sub 60 in the 400, and Hashim for beating his freshman xc PR after nearly a year and a half of not running. During today's race I feel like the main factor to me doing good was focusing on my form. I know it's hard to do while racing and pushing yourself, but if there's one thing to remember during a race it should be your form. Today I tried not to overstride (I normally do by a lot) and I feel like it helped a ton. You can look up tutorials and stuff online too but that's just my advice, do whatever works for you.