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Momin Ahmed

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Run • April 20, 2024, 8:35 p.m.

5.0 mi. ∙ 35:00 ∙ /mi

Red Grange Reflection: Ran the 3200 C in 11:21. It was a humbling race, especially when my goal was 10:30-10:40. I know I could have gone much much faster and I'm definitely capable of sub 10:50. Before, I felt like I wasn't fast enough going into the race because of some of the things people were saying which definitely affected me mentally. During the race my first 800 split was 2:31 which was definitely way too fast, even though I told myself going into the race I wouldn't go out too fast. That was kind of the beginning of the end because I faded really hard after my first mile and got stuck in no man's land. The problem is that it was my fault because I had gone out so fast; like Coach said, I didn't race tough and I didn't race smart which is the worst possible scenario. I feel like there's a lot of excuses I can make: I'm not a 2-mile guy, it was windy, it was a bad day, it was overwhelming, too much pressure, a lot of people were saying I couldn't do it. But I know deep down that it's my fault. If anything, I should be better at the 2 mile than anything else because of all the threshold training we've done. I know I let Coach and the team down because I definitely wasn't the most qualified person to run in the meet. I was given the opportunity to prove myself and I missed it. But I'm gonna remember the 24 hour rule and put it behind me, what's done is done. Now I'm just more motivated to train harder and be more consistent than ever. I've got nothing to lose and it's time I prove myself. Nice job to everyone else, especially Smith for first meet back, Kasra/Rogers for huge PRs, and Devin for getting even closer to sub 10. Also don't worry I deleted the mileage from the other post so I'm not getting double mileage. Thanks if you read all that