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  • Go to your profile tab
  • Go to Settings settings in the top right corner


  • Click the menu button
  • Click Settings in the Profile section

Default unit

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  • Toggle your Trackster unit preferences between:
    • Miles
    • Kilometers

To see all distance metrics formatted with your default unit throughout the app.

  • **Note: all training posts with 'Swim' activity type will display in "yards" no matter which default unit you choose.

GPS Auto-post

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  • Users can toggle this setting on or off:

    • On: All GPS activities uploaded from any connected devices will be automatically saved as new training posts with a randomized emoji as the description

      • Users can then visit the app to edit their auto-posted training and add an image, description, etc.
    • Off: GPS activities *will not be automatically saved as training posts

      • Instead, users can go to the home feed and click the add_circle button to create a new training post.
      • Then, users can click on the connected GPS account to view any saved activities from their synced devices and post them to Trackster manually.

Default shoe

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  • Users on Trackster can create and manage as many shoes as they like. They can choose one shoe at a time to be their default shoe. All new training posts (including auto-post GPS) will include this default shoe by, you guessed it, default.

  • Users can remove their default shoe and select a different pair for any training at any time. It's simply a way to save time and quickly keep their most commonly used shoe attached to their upcoming training posts until they toggle a new default shoe.


  • Dark vs. Light mode

    • Users can toggle between Trackster display options for Dark backgrounds with contrasted white texts or vise versa.
    • Choose System on Android or iOS devices to have Trackster toggle Dark or Light depending on their operating system's settings.
  • Map Style

    • Trackster shows GPS and route data via Google maps throughout the app. We have a sleak, clean default map style called 'Trackster' that is shown by default. Users can choose other Map Styles and customize the display a whole lot depending on what they prefer.
    • Users can also choose to show maps with 'Roadmap', 'Terrain', 'Satellite', or 'Hybrid' types.

      Current Map Styles on Trackster include: - Standard - Transparent - Dark - Simple - Trackster - Sunshine - Earth - Pinky

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