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Support-PrivacyFeb. 12, 2022, 4:20 p.m. 29

GPS & route privacy

Privacy is always going to be something Trackster takes very seriously! We have a few options for customizing your privacy on Trackster.

Users can toggle their default GPS & route data privacy in their Settings. This value will be used on all auto-post GPS training as well as manually posted training posts.

Users can always toggle an individual training post with a different level of GPS & route privacy than their profile's default GPS & route data privacy.

For example:
- Bobby's default training GPS & route data privacy is "Me". This means no one on Trackster can see his GPS data or maps.
- Bobby toggles his most recent individual training GPS & route data privacy as "Everyone" because it contains a new trail he ran while on vacation that he's OK with sharing (for example).

The GPS & route data privacy field does not determine if a post is visible on the feed. That is a different value.

This is what a post looks like that has an overall privacy setting that allows it to be available on the feed but with GPS & route data privacy that keeps the map private.

enter image description here

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