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Support-PrivacyFeb. 12, 2022, 4:21 p.m. 55


Security and safety is something that we at Trackster take very seriously and pride ourselves in protecting.


All passwords on Trackster are encrypted - which means that even our own admin on our own database cannot ever see your passwords.

If you think there's been a breach or hack into your Trackster account, reset your password here and report the issue to team@trackster.us or fill out this quick form.

Payment info

Additionally, all payment and banking information is handled through our payment processing platform Stripe. Stripe is the industry leader in online payments and is the same system used by companies like Lyft, Instacart, Google, Zoom, Shopify and many more. All of their data is encrypted and totally secure, too. Trackster, nor Stripe, can see any of your payment or banking details after they're entered.


Many popular training apps, including Strava, use Google Analytics to track user activity in their app. People should know that there's nothing inherently malicious about analytics - keeping track of user activity is a crucial method of improving software products. Developers need to know if users are visiting a new feature, having glitches or doing various other things in an app.

Google Analytics, however, has been said to breach the EU GDPR laws as well as having some other sketchy practices. It's been theorized that Google may sell or use this data to track an app's users across other platforms outside of the original app that Google Analytics is used in.

Because of all of this, Trackster does not use a third party analytics provider. Instead, we save our app analytics and user activity to our own private and secure database. We've essentially built a Google Analytics equivalent product into Trackster so that no other company has access to our wonderful users (or their data!). This is huge!

We hope this is just another reason acting as proof of how we at Trackster are showing we actually care about our users safety, privacy and well being.

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