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With Trackster, users can host virtual contests for competing and fun for all levels. Participants are able to submit virtual race entries by attaching a regular Trackster training post and saving to the contest.

The contest's host can set an optional price to join (must connect to Stripe in Settings) so participants must pay to access. They can also receive donations from their participants directly for a charity cause and the host will have a chance to enter a description for their charity / contest's cause.

To start, navigate to the Contests section by first going to the icon.

  1. Enter the
    • Name
    • Description
    • Start & End dates
    • Races (ex: 10000m, 5000m)
    • Charity & Donation description
  2. Share your contest and allow participants to join!
  3. Submit virtual entries and watch as the competition grows.

If you want your contest to be promoted in the Recommended sections of the Trackster app, email us team@trackster.us or DM @trackster_us on social media. We'd love to get your contest more users and submissions!

Finally, users can also upload videos & images to the contest. For example, a user could film their entire 5k effort and upload it or they can upload some trash talk about their performance as soon as they cross the finish line.

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