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Support-GPS DevicesFeb. 12, 2022, 4:27 p.m. 28

Connect Suunto

To connect your Trackster account to your Suunto account, go to your Profile > Settings in the Trackster app. Scroll toward the bottom of Settings and you will see an 'Accounts' section.

Click the row with the Suunto logo. You will be redirected to the Suunto login page. Enter your Suunto account credentials and allow Trackster to access your data.

Upon successfully logging into Suunto, you will be redirected to the Trackster app. It's that simple! From that point on, all Suunto activities uploaded from your GPS devices will also be sent to your Trackster account.

We recommend turning on the 'GPS Auto Post' option in your Settings as well. This way, all Suunto data will be posted as training on Trackster as soon as we receive it from Suunto. You can then edit the automatic training post and enter any description, effort level, add an image, etc!

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