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Support-FAQFeb. 12, 2022, 4:30 p.m. 318

Trackster Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Trackster built for?

Trackster was built for athletes, coaches and teams of all levels. Our main focus is on runners but all activity types are able to post to Trackster, like biking, swimming, elliptical, yoga and more!

How much does it cost to use Trackster?

The Trackster platform is completely free except for our smart training plan product called Boost. Subscribe to Boost and get a custom adaptive run plan for just $12/month. The rest of Trackster's platform is free for all :)

This app is pretty great. Trackster must be backed by some huge VC firm and massive team, right?

Wrong, friend! Trackster is owned by real runners. More than 50% of Boost revenue goes directly to our roster of pro runners.

What if I have an issue or encounter a problem with the app?

It happens to the best of us. Just send a message to us team@trackster.us or go here

What is there for coaches on Trackster?

With Trackster, coaches are able to easily manage their teams' training while saving valuable time.

Coaches can build training plans and schedule upcoming training. Coaches can also make a team, invite all of their athletes, create training groups, keep attendance, and more.

Does Trackster connect with GPS devices?

Yep! Trackster connects with Garmin, Coros, Polar, Wahoo, Suunto and Apple Watch devices.

We also have a built-in GPS activity tracker on the iPhone and Android version of the Trackster app.

We also have a Trackster Apple Watch app that syncs with prebuilt workouts and has more cool features. If you record activities with Apple Watch using a default app (like Apple's Activity workout app) Trackster should still automatically be able to import it and post it your profile.

To check if there's been an issue, go to the Apple Health App > Data & Apps > Trackster and ensure that all permissions for Trackster are enabled.

Strava does not share their Apple Watch app's activities with any other app - it's lowkey kind of crazy. They don't even share GPS data with the Apple Health database. Trackster plays nice with all of your other apps :)

Please contact us if you're having issues with Apple Health activities importing properly.

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