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With the Insights feature, users can access, analyze, and review all of their training data (and see even more!)

The Insights section is split into the following tabs:

  • Training
  • Teams (link)
  • Shoes (link)
  • Route Records
  • Heatmap
  • Goals (link)
  • Badges (link)


Within the Training tab, users will see a chart of their training data. By default, the chart is a line graph of the last 7 days (1 week) of training).

enter image description here

The training data shown here can be changed and edited to a ton of different options - all toggled via the header on top of the Insights view.

enter image description here

Toward the bottom of the training tab is what we call the Calendar Chart.

This chart shows the mileage of training for each day represented by a square that's a darker shade of charcoal based on how much mileage was posted for that day.

For example, the darkest spot shown on the Sunday of the 7/11 week, is the highest mileage shown.

enter image description here


The absolute highest mileage across all athletes on Trackster can be seen via the Insights Leaderboard.

To see the Leaderboard, click the podium icon and circle button on the bottom right of the view

enter image description here

The Leaderboard can be changed for any activity type on Trackster. Currently all positions are calculated for total distance.

The Women and Men sections in the Leaderboard will only show profiles that have set their profile's gender field.

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