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News & Tips|July 16, 2021, 11:26 p.m. | 291

Introducing the Trackster Collegiate Team

Last month, after years of fighting off the inevitable, the NCAA finally allowed student athletes to profit from their image, name, and likeness while maintaining their eligibility. After years of providing valuable advertising space and notoriety for their schools without the ability to profit from their own hard work, college athletes will finally be able to see some financial reward.

In light of this announcement, we’re beyond excited to announce a historic new project: the Trackster Collegiate Team!

The TCT is a group of 10 current NCAA XC/TF athletes from around the country that will be working to help promote the Trackster brand while profiting for the first time ever off of their name, image and likeness. TCT athletes are equity stakeholders of the Trackster company, will receive cash compensation for merchandise sales, and are first in line for career opportunities after they graduate. We are extremely proud to have elite NCAA athletes as part owners of our company with 0% venture capital involvement (Strava cannot say the same!).

Over the coming days we will be highlighting each individual member of the TCT and shine a spotlight on what makes them a special part of this new group. Make sure to give these amazing athletes a follow on Trackster to see their daily training and following their journey!

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