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Feature UpdatesFeb. 7, 2023, 8:13 p.m. 88


The Trackster app has come a loooooongggg way over the course of the 2022 calendar year. We're hoping for more of the same in this new year and, although it took a month, we're putting out our first update with some extra exciting new stuff!

  • Introducing: Rundown!!

    • Now on top of the Home feed, check out an interactive breakdown of the last 7 days of training... for you, your friends and the rest of the Trackster community!
      • Similar UI and feeling as Instagram or Snapchat stories with swipe / tap, etc to navigate.

    enter image description here

Rundown is meant to ensure that you stay on top of all the latest training updates from your friends on Trackster. Although the Home feed does a great job of showing recent training posts, Rundown is more engaging and has some extra special details, too!

  • Ad Campaigns

    that's right... we're getting excited about Ads!!

enter image description here

  • Now, in the Trackster app, third party sponsorship clients can manage their ad campaigns, view ad statistics, and grow their brand!
  • Ads are viewable on Home Feed, Post Detail and/or Rundown.
  • Previously, these campaigns and sponsorships were handled "by hand"; now, the entire process can be controlled by the client without having to go through Trackster!
  • Extra attention and engagement opportunities for sponsors will be offered via promoted virtual contests, Talking While Running ( social media content ) and more.
  • After testing this concept a bit in 2022, it's proven to be a very good move forward. The key is that we only approve sponsors and ads that can actually add value to our audience of runners and endurance athletes.

  • Group Runs... Reimagined

    • The Group Runs feature has been re-launched and has two basic experiences:

enter image description here

  1. Users can create their own Group Runs. - These are meant to be shared among groups of athletes to coordinate meet ups, etc. - Shows the Route, directions to get to the starting, other athletes attending, and more!


  2. Users can get matched to Group Runs automatically with Trackster's new matching feature!!

    • Why matched group runs?
      • Meet new people, find a group in a new city, have a group to hold you accountable for training, etc.
      • Users go their Group Runs section in the app to edit their matching parameters or turn off the feature completely.
      • This feature is in BETA mode and will be continually developed over the coming months.
      • It boils down to this:
        • On any given day, there's ton of athletes that are looking to get some exercise in but who do not have any training partners readily available to accommodate their schedule, fitness level, etc.
        • Trackster's Group Run Matching feature will find similar athletes with similar availability in the same area of the world as you and will recommend you to get together and train together!

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