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Feature UpdatesMarch 29, 2022, 11:58 p.m. 95

🚀 What's new with Boost?

What's new with Boost?

It's been a bit since we last update the Trackster community regarding the flagship feature in our app - Boost.

If you haven't followed along with the YouTube series we've been producing called Building Boost, you can check it out here:

As a refresher, Boost is an adaptive training plan subscription offered inside the Trackster app. So, not only can our users find and train with elite coaches on our platform, but they can also get an adaptive and affordable run plan generated completed by A.I. (with Boost!)

If you've been following Trackster lately, you know that we recently released our biggest update ever.

Along with those updates we've worked on additions and changes for the Boost feature specifically, including:

  1. Improved the Boost calendar / plan view
  2. Added Yearly payment option for Boost (17% off if paying yearly)
  3. Improved the Boost sign up page

    • More specifically, we reduced the initial page load time by over 700%
  4. Added dozens of new videos & tips from our Boost pro runners!

  5. Added new Boost pros to the roster (more on this soon 😉)
  6. Added over 100 possible workouts into the Boost algorithm

What's next

I believe being transparent about business model and focus is a great thing. So, here's what we'll be focusing on in regards to growing Boost:

  1. Partner with race organizers to become their event's official training plan partner
  2. Partner with charitable organizations to offer heavily discounted Boost plans and/or donations to their supporters training for an upcoming race!

Additionally, it's crucial to always be improving the Boost experience within the Trackster app. We've received a bunch of great feedback:

enter image description here

But there's still a ton to do. If you want to get free access to Boost in order to provide feedback PLEASE message us @trackster_us on social media or email us team@Trackster.us!

Be sure to check out Boost for yourself here: https://trackster.us/boost

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