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Introducing: Zappos x Trackster

Introducing Zappos x Trackster Integration

While hydration, rest, and diet are all crucial components for a runner's success, the most foundational tool for training is a proper pair of shoes. Day in and day out, rain or shine, easy days or work outs, every runner has to lace up a pair of trainers they’re confident will support them while they push their body to the limits. However, many runners forget that their shoes have a life cycle, and that they put themselves at serious risk of injury if they continue to put in the miles in trainers that are worn out and need replacing.

One of the most useful Trackster features is the ability for athletes to attach a pair of shoes with every training post, keeping track of the cumulative mileage on the shoe. When a shoe is coming to the end of its lifecycle, Trackster sends out a notification that it is time to replace the trainer. This allows any athlete to avoid injury due to one of the most common pitfalls of training: overused shoes.

The new process for creating a shoe

The new process for creating a shoe

Previous versions of Trackster had a manually built list of popular shoes and brands for users to pick from when tracking their mileage. However, there was no uniform method to ensure that the newest pairs, brands, and product images were readily available. So the Trackster team looked for a better way.

Enter Zappos.

With the newest version of Trackster, the shoe options to pick from come directly from Zappos, the leader in online shoe sales. Instead of having to manually enter in the latest model or new brands, Zappos supplies an updated database of the latest footwear. Users now have a much wider selection to pick from, with 16 plus brands and tens of thousands of models to select. Additionally, users can see what shoes other Trackster users are training in, allowing for the sharing of information on which shoes to buy within the Trackster community.

The new process for creating a shoe

A training post with Brooks Ghosts attached

Finally, when a user clicks on a shoe on Trackster, they will have the option to shop on Zappos to finish their browsing and checkout process. Not only will Trackster notify you when you need a new pair of trainers, it now makes getting your next pair quick, easy, and integrated with the rest of your running experience!

I'm personally excited for this update because, while shoes are not necessarily what our business is all about, I cannot tell you how many times over my running career a kid has had an injury that could've been prevented by paying attention to the mileage on their shoes! Hopefully we'll be a part of many runners making the most of their training and staying injury free because of this slick feature.

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