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Share Maps & Images with Stickers (& more!)

We're sharing an underutilized & fun feature in the Trackster app - sharing with stickers on map & images!

The Basics

Let's admit it: training can be a grind sometimes. The day-to-day routine of it all can sometimes get stale and feel like a chore. Even the most motivated runners can lose the excitement, energy, and joy of training. Finding ways to bring fun and joy to everyday training is a key factor to staying engaged with running. Whether it is joking with teammates or wearing ridiculously colored clothes, runners for generations have found ways to have fun and bring lightness to sometimes monotonous training.

Kanye Sticker in Trackster app

While Trackster is all about keeping track of your hard work, we want to make sure you're enjoying the journey too! That's why, in addition to adding pictures to your training posts and sharing them to social media, we've added some fun features you can add to your pictures!

Recovery Sticker 2

In addition to being able to add emojis and draw on your picture, with our latest update we've also added the ability to put stickers on your photo! Whether you're feeling like Kanye or Centro after your run, you can spice up your post by letting your followers know your mood!

Recovery Sticker 2

Also, add workout specific stickers to let your followers know whether you had a workout, long run, recovery day, or cross training today!

Recovery Sticker 2

The Best Part

Finally, if you've added a GPS map to your post (either through Trackster's GPS or a GPS watch), you can now add a sticker that is an outline of your map to your image!

A key to sticking with the grind of running is to have fun with it! Make sure to try out these cool stickers, along with the rest of our sharing options, to keep your team's training fun and joy!

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