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The Top 3 Most Difficult Features To Build

We've learned a ton while building the Trackster app - here are the things that were most difficult to add!

Emmett Scully

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The Top 3 Most Difficult Features To Build


    • We can't quite reveal what was the most difficult feature to build because it's not yet released. Stay tuned to learn all about it, soon.
  2. Training Plans & Coaching

    • The training plans feature in Trackster is simple in many ways. Below the surface, though, there were a number of problems that needed to be addressed. #1 was finding a good calendar for the app's UI. Next was adding the ability to upload videos & files. To do that, the hardest part was not the uploading itself, but on building the proper display for viewing the files after upload. There's a way to export the training plan as a .CSV but that was not too difficult. There's a similar feature on a user's profile to export their training posts as .CSV, too.

enter image description here

  1. GPS & Spotify Synced Workouts

    • Trackster users can record training with GPS watches (like Garmin & Apple Watch) but they can also record training directly in the app. While using Trackster to record training, users can queue songs to their prebuilt workout. The Spotify API is pretty amazing and we think the feature has turned out pretty good. The main issue is that our app is not able to receive direct updates on a user's current Spotify song. Instead, we recheck the song every 5 seconds... it would be nice if Spotify would ping us immediately! enter image description here
  2. Daily Reminder

    • The daily reminder brings chills to think about. We had to set up a separate server to run automated, scheduled tasks. Users can set time / text to be reminded on a daily basis to post or go do their training.

    enter image description here Example of a text notification for a daily reminder

    • Now, after many errors and attempts, this server runs extremely smoothly. At first, there were a plethora of issues just getting it set up and functioning properly at all!

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