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How To Add Videos/Files To A Training Plan

Having trouble explaining new core exercises or drills to your athletes while social distancing?

Joe Yuengert

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Add PDF/Video Files to Training Plans with Trackster

Here's a scenario most coaches will be familiar with: you want your athletes over the summer to incorporate a new core exercise or drill into their training regiment. But when your team shows up to practice, you find out they've been doing it wrong and possibly hurting themselves. So you stop adding new exercises to their training regimes because you worry that they've been doing it wrong.

But what if you could easily add videos and PDFs detailing new exercises, drills, or pace charts to your athletes training programs?

With the Trackster training platform, coaches can easily add documents and video files to your runners' training plans. All the coaches and athletes we have talked to love this feature and have used it to help their athletes clearly learn and grow as athletes. Here's a quick guide to this feature:


After you create a training plan, click on the "Video & Files" tab. Click the "Add" button to upload files.


Next, select files from your device that you want to share with your athletes. Name the file and add a description, then hit submit.

Files you add will appear under this tab for all your athletes to see.

Having the ability to share detailed information in the same space where athletes view and post their daily training is just one of the ways that Trackster helps coaches and athletes make the most of their miles! Sign up for Trackster to access all of our cutting edge features FOR FREE at https://trackster.us/ or download our app at either the Apple or Google Play stores!

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