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Coaching on Trackster. No Fees. 100% Free.

Getting Started with Online Coaching on Trackster

Unlike some of the other platforms out there, the Trackster approach to training plans is unique and hyper focused on empowering our online coaches.

CLICK to SCHEDULE A PLATFORM DEMO and get started with Trackster ASAP!

Simply put, our business model does not rely on nickel and dime-ing online coaching businesses and/or side hustlers who are looking to make cash via coaching athletes online.

The Trackster app has more features than any other coaching platform with ZERO fees. Like actually zero. LIKE TOTALLY FREE = ZERO = NO FEES EVER.

One of our competitors, Final Surge, includes this section on their website:

enter image description here

What's mind-numbing is that later on their website they say that their all-in cost for coaches is around $400 bucks / year. Which is it Final Surge!?! You literally just said "Free from limits" and then say "1-5" athletes as a limit, blah blah blah. Sounds like a limit to me!! I actually don't know if this is a typo or mistake on their website but it makes no sense!!!

enter image description here

With Trackster coaches can:

  • Create training plans and build out their training calendar
  • Schedule training sessions with:

    • Distance or distance range
    • Time or time range
    • Location (optional)
    • Description
    • Title
    • Activity type (run, bike, etc)
    • Session type (recovery, long run, workout, etc)
    • Attachments
    • Much more!
  • Save sessions as templates for quick re-use next time

  • Duplicate entire training plans for quick & easy re-use

enter image description here

  • Accept payments directly to their bank accounts. Payments can be:
    • Yearly
    • Monthly
    • One-time

enter image description here

  • Import training plan templates from Final Surge or Training Peaks.
  • The training plan feature is jammed pack with extras to make sure coaches save precious time
    • Drag n drop anywhere on the calendar
    • Click and drag to select multiple sessions
    • Right click anywhere to pop up session editor
  • Export entire training plan to spreedsheet format
  • Compare 'planned' vs. 'completed' training

enter image description here

  • Coaches & athletes receive

    • Daily training plan notifcations (via email, push or SMS text)

      • with details, distance and time for the workout(s) for the day
    • Weekly training plan review:

      • with 'planned' vs. 'completed' training for the entire week
  • Trackster also includes timezone support for coaches with clients across the globe.

There's even more to the online coaching & training plan features - we simply can't list it all!

Make sure you check out the app or click the link below to get started and to see the Trackster difference for yourself.

CLICK to SCHEDULE A PLATFORM DEMO and get started with Trackster ASAP!

enter image description here

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