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News & TipsSept. 20, 2023, 4:02 p.m. 111

Jakob Ingebrigtsen Ran A Beer Mile

Four days ago on Sep. 16th, Jakob Ingebrigtsen ran the 3rd fastest mile race of all-time at the newly renovated Hayward Field at the Pre-Classic in an absolutely savage time of 3:43. He also lead 10 men under 3:50 as well as 2nd place Yared Naguse to a new American Record.

After wrapping up his season with another 1st place at the Pre Classic in the 3k (wtf) just one day later, he's now getting married! Or at least he's "planning" on it this Saturday.

Stoked for the champ and his family.

Jakob and his soon to be bride Elisabeth Asserson have been together for a while - their first post on IG together was back in 2016. True love is not dead.

Jakob's bachelor squad apparently went with the tradition of raging just a few days before the official wedding. Probably because he's been a little busy this past year, he didn't opt for the bach send a few months earlier as is more common with the fellas in the US.

As part of the festivities, the best runner in the world went with the classic beer mile. I respect the hell out of this choice not only is it chill af but they also had official clock timing and a legit stadium.

The results shared on Twitter (X??) show he clocked a 5:22 (I personally ran a 5:59 beer mile, no big deal, another blog topic one day). This is definitely a very very impressive time.

However, when you consider he's capable of running a 3:43 mile, it changes things. His beer mile was, according to my quick math, 99 seconds slower than his Bowerman mile time.

99 seconds / 4 beers = 24.75 seconds per beer.

Unless we get footage of the beer mile, we'll have to assume that his chugging ability is not as class ( did I use that right? ) as his running. 25 seconds is JV levels of slow. Maybe he's rusty on the ol' chugging technique since he's assumedly not been guzzling much during the track season.

Perhaps he should work on a double threshold style of drinking training if he wants to lower that average down a bit. I want to officially extend an open invite to Jakob to come out to Wisconsin next summer to go through an official chugging training camp. Until then...

congrats to Jakob and Elisabeth!

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